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Instructor: Chris Johnson

Contact Email: cjohnson@k12.wv.us


Carpentry is a skilled trade in craftmanship. They construct, repair, and install building frameworks and structures made from wood and other materials.

What Does Carpentry Do?

Carpenters’ duties vary but typically, they have the tasks of reading, building, or following blueprints for the job. Carpenters may install windows and molding by measuring, cutting, and shaping materials such as wood or plastic. They may construct frameworks for items like floors, door frames, and walls. A carpenter must level, erect, and install building frameworks by using cranes and rigging hardware. They inspect damaged frameworks or other structures and replace them if necessary. Carpenters at times may oversee and direct construction helpers or those that are learning the trade. Also, they must ensure that all final work is completed according to specifications and project requirements. During the day, they often secure building materials with nails, screws, staples, and tape or laser measures on nearly every project to determine distances and accuracy quickly.

Common tasks for carpentry include:

  • Formwork for concreting
  • Framework construction
  • Building pergolas, gazebos and decks
  • Installing flooring, windows and doors
  • Installing cladding
  • Interior renovations
  • Making cabinets or furniture
  • Adding small finishing touches